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Associates In Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, Inc.Org

ASSOCIATES In Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (AMHDD) was Founded and Incorporated in 2000 as a 501c-3 NON-PROFIT SOCIAL SERVICES & MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY. AMHDD is designed to provide opportunities to people with Mental Health Needs in a Residential Setting, INTENSIVE IN-HOME/An outpatient Setting And Day Program Setting. Our Agency exists today and will continue to exist for a long time to come is in part due to your continuing support. While there are growing pains, it is our hope that our work will continue to help and define and advance the field of mental health.

The growth in this vital profession corresponds with the need of the Urban Community to know about us and to understand our interdependence. Our Quality services require dedication, rigor and enthusiasm to make our work more potent and a constructive force. Your support reflects an understanding that nurtures our communities that is on the path to a brighter future for people who can benefit from our comprehensive health services.

Our agency offers new perspectives on pre-existing and emerging themes that is a significant contribution in the field. Our work is a wonderful convergence that has to do with emerging and networking with each other by speaking up and advocating for client’s needs. It also marks another achievement, and with this, other wonderful upcoming events and plans are in progress. AMHDD, Inc. has several exciting enhancements over the years that has Been Executed. In addition to growing by expanding into other counties with our Headquarters in ESSEX COUNTY, Operationally, we Exist in ESSEX COUNTY, HUDSON, BERGEN, UNION, PASSIAC, SUSSEX, MIDDLESEX, MERCER and MORRIS. We have An Office Location in Suffolk, Virginia. These Counties has helped us to Enhance our Position through Strategic Partnerships with the NEW JERSEY STATE DIVISION of CHILD BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES in which we are a TREATMENT/PREVENTION PROVIDER AGENCY.

We have expanded into other counties throughout the state and we are bringing with us a commitment to providing high standards of services and performances to those in need. Our client’s satisfaction is top priority and we look forward to building and strengthening our relationships with you and the community. As s clinical treatment provider agency in the behavioral assistance/ intensive in-community services program and mentoring, we have joined all other providers in bringing about positive change within the community. We appreciate the opportunity to build and strengthen our relationships with you through requesting your support in helping us to complete our work rapidly and to take advantage of our services and the capabilities that we offer through providing us with supports to assist children, adolescents, young adults, families, and care-givers in need of mental health support services. AMHDD provides to our clients services that come from an array of clinical training in specific treatment modalities.

We assist our Clients towards independence in alignment with goals set forth. Our Clinical Department will assess and advocate for the specific supports needed for clients. There are times when assistance through medication monitoring with outside clinical providers as well as behavior modification will increase or decrease specific behaviors. Clinicians may be involved specifically but not limited to assisting clients through supportive counseling to help control anger, understand social and personal relationships, improve self-esteem and the ability to proactively assert oneself through the development of coping skills that improve problem solving. Some members of the Clinical Department work diligently with our clients to overcome emotional and behavioral obstacles. We also assist programs by providing training to effectively communicate with our population of clients we are serving in providing specific information in regards to psychiatric disorders and managements of specific crises situations. This careful balance of services may involve the school personnel, family members, and other agency departments such as outside providers to move toward a healthier lifestyle in terms of emotional stability and independence. The specific services are provided in the most positive and proactive fashion to enhance success.

We endeavor to change attitudes and stereotypes with people who have needs through Raising Funds to support our goals. This helps with Awareness for Programs that enrich and support the lives of individuals with a variety of Mental Illnesses. Our Greatest Challenge is to meet the needs of a Diverse Population and in Understanding the Issues of Race, Ethnicity, Age, Disability, Sexual Identity, Social Class and Gender is essential for us to be Effective.

OUR QUALIFIED EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL STAFF: Doctoral, Masters, ( Licensed & Certified), Bachelors, AA Degreed Level Clinicians, Para – Professionals & Behavioral Assistants provides Quality Supervision to address the needs of clients along with addressing the many needs of their family members. Our staff is committed to serving our clients in a caring and competent manner. The overall goal though, is to assist with the normalization process and community adjustment, which is the key to Productive Services. Our agency invests in the professional development of its staff to promote effective Mental Health Practices, Interests and Talents.




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